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Model loading

No importable file found - what does that mean?

It means that none of your files are importable. Online 3D Viewer tries to detect importable files by extension. Check if your format in the supported file formats list, and make sure that you use the proper extension.

Failed to load file for import - what does that mean?

It means that an importable file format is detected, but the website failed to load the file. It usually happens when you try to load a model from an external url.

To resolve this issue, check if your url works in a browser window.

Failed to import model - what does that mean?

It means that an importable file is found, the import process is started, but failed for some reason. If the error message doesn't help, create an issue on GitHub.

Why does my model works fine locally, but not from an url?

Usually it's caused by a CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) policy violation. It means that the server that hosts the model doesn't allow requests from a different origin. To resolve this issue, allow CORS requests on the server.

Model display

Why is my model completely gray?

Some file formats are coming with no material information (e.g. stl). These models will be visualized with a default gray color. You can easily change this color in the settings panel () on the right.

Some file formats are coming in multiple files, and material information can be in a separate file (e.g. obj files are usually working with mtl files). Check the files panel for any missing files (), and if you have the file, import it together with the main file.

Model sharing

Why does sharing fail?

Online 3D Viewer doesn't store models, everything happens in your browser. Sharing possible only if your files are coming from an external server. For example you can share a model that is loaded using the open url button ().

When you drag and drop a model, or load it using the open button (), the model is not publicly available, so in this case sharing is not possible.